Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Who will Win the present World War III of Cyber War and Fake News? Likely all the terrorists in the world?

The problem is we are witnessing the death of Central Governments anywhere and everywhere on earth. Free information flying about (whether true or false) is killing all central governments on earth including Russia and China's governments.

Who wins this ongoing war this century?

Maybe who loses might be more appropriate.

Who loses is Russia, China, Europe, the U.S. etc.

Who wins?

Individuals manipulating the news not connected to any government but highly mobile.

Are they terrorists or just twisters of information?

That's hard to say but what I can say is this century all governments (at least as we have known them up until now) will be destroyed from the inside by bad information, Cyber Warfare, Fake news, personal information assassinations, etc.

So, government (at least as how we knew it up until now is over) within the next 25 to 50 years.

When we can't even have useful elections because of outside manipulations then democracy as well as central governments everywhere are already dying if not dead already.

So, what I'm saying here is that all Governments are only an illusion at this point. maybe they always were illusions but we believed in them anyway. But now, even that appears to be going away too.

It's sort of like religions are going away. governments like Religions are also going away because we have no faith in them anymore much like people have no faith in their religions as much anymore either.

Belief makes religions work but it also makes governments work too.

without a belief or at least a fear of governments they cease to exist like we are witnessing more and more everywhere now on earth.

what will the end result of all this on earth be?

Likely it is going to get pretty chaotic until we figure out other ways to make our lives work here on earth and beyond.

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