Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why Cyber attacks likely will get exponentially worse the rest of this century?

Until the Internet, Cell phones, smart phones will either not work at all anymore or be greatly changed from what we have now in the world.

 Why will they get worse? It is profitable both for countries and for criminals worldwide.

It is not profitable inside the U.S. because you will wind up dead from hit men but it is very very profitable by many nations outside the U.S. and by criminals almost everywhere outside the U.S.

But, once again , It is important that all people that everyone know that 90% of the people who were involved in  Wanna Cry Ransomware  will be dead or in jail within 5 years worldwide. Simply every country hit will send out hit squads to make sure everyone is dead or in jail within 5 years who did this. This is just the reality today here on earth.

The other thing profitable is "Fake News" for countries like Russia. The Sanctions placed on Russia leave them nowhere to go but attacking western nations to help their people survive all this economically.

So, expect to see Cyber Attacks from Russia and China to increase exponentially to the point eventually where all power grids in the U.S. and Europe shut down and unless you have solar or wind power you won't have power to run your house or business unless you buy a gas or diesel generator. (I bought a large gasoline powered generator last winter myself finally.)

This appears to be the future for us all without cell phones, smart phones, internet for short or long periods or permanently at some point in the near or far future. I think we just to expect it is the best course of action and to prepare for this because it is obvious (barring some unexpected event) that this is all coming to all countries much quicker now than I ever considered before.

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