Sunday, May 14, 2017

When Cyber Attacks target medical infrastructure people are going to die!

This is just a given. The one thing you can be sure of this latest attack is people are dying without proper medical care. This is a true statement regarding especially Great Britain. To say otherwise you are lying to yourselves.

So, we are now in a killing war with the first victims being people who need medical care but cannot get it.

So, Trump is an attack on mankind, this Wanna Cry Ransomeware virus is an attack on mankind, and the whole combination is literally (A WAR) on the western world. YOu can say it is from Russia, You can say it is from desperate criminals, it can be both or any combination you want it be be.

But, to say this isn't killing people already is to be a fool!

So,wherever it is coming from people are dying, wherever it is coming from there will be more like this. Wherever it is coming from you need to prepare for a future of much more of this.

Will our government and western and Eastern civilization unravel?


All I know is this is just the beginning folks and millions are going to be dying over the next 25 years to 75 years at this point.

We can't have big wars because of nukes. But, people are dying from cyberwars already. Think about what I'm saying here.

Because this is our future!

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