Saturday, May 13, 2017

Why is time Travel useful to the Security council of the United nations?

Because if a nuke goes off from a terrorist or an idiot in any military you can retroactively fix it. That's why it is useful to the Security council of the united nations.

However, that does NOT solve the problem of overpopulation. That problem might be solved by Global Warming because of Trump possibly withdrawing form the Paris Accords. I figure that for every person that dies (in any way) directly or indirectly from ANY of Trump's Thousands of changes to the timeline likely prevents 10 other people from being born this century and this likely is enough to prevent human extinction between 2080 and 2090. However, it will Not be enough to prevent human extinction sometime between 2100 and 2200.

This kind of problem cannot be solved by Time Travel because it has to be agreed on by the entire security council in the first place. Getting agreement to use time travel to fix time and prevent millions of radiation deaths is a no brainer for the Security Council almost ever. But, fixing over population in any country is a very big problem and so far unsolvable by anything but global climate change at present which is why Trump may withdraw from the Paris Accord to facilitate millions more deaths this century.

Since big wars are out this century (because of nuclear weapons) there has to be some way to reduce populations to prevent the kinds of genocide caused by overpopulation in the desert regions of the middle east from spreading slowly or quickly all around the planet over this century.

Some people likely have already written off both Africa and Europe because of the spread of the malaise of the Middle East to other regions now. And this likely will get much worse the rest of this century. It is relatively inevitable now with all variables presently in place around the world.

Though there could be unexpected changes the most likely changes are more deaths from air an water travel, more deaths from hurricanes, more deaths from tornadoes caused by increasing winds exponentially over time from Global Climate change and the oceans heating up as the land cools.

The oceans heating up and the land cooling also could cause short or long ice ages as well during the next few thousand years.

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