Saturday, October 26, 2013

73% of Americans think the U.S. Government is corrupt

percentages of people in different countries that think their governments are corrupt:

Czech Republic 94%

Ghana 89%

U.S. 73%

Finland 30%

Sweden 14%

Looks like people have to move to Sweden if the don't want to live in a Corrupt nation.

likely if you asked this question in the 1950s people would say (and they did) this (the U.S.) was the most uncorrupted nation on earth. That is actually what people thought. So, what happened between the 1950s and today?

The higher the corruption level (that the people perceive)  the more likely that system of government won't be around a long time historically speaking. 

Source page 10 Time Magazine with Prince Charles on the Cover 2013.

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