Saturday, October 26, 2013

BABY BOOMERS were the Bridge to the Future

People born before World War II tended to be VERY different than those born during and after World War II. World War II wasn't just a war it was a technological Revolution which left millions dead and some permanently terrified or traumatized by the world changes it brought. However, children like myself (born in the late 1940s) knew nothing else and didn't have to witness the carnage or changes of World War II first hand or have many or most of our friends die in that war like our parents did. Then, after World War II the U.S. was sort of the last untouched nation left standing on earth sort of, so we loaned money to the bombed out burnt out nations of the world to rebuild and became very wealthy doing that from 1945 to about 1973 when the Arab Oil Embargo started to change all that to something else entirely. Gasoline went from 17 cents a gallon up to about 85cents a gallon within a few years and then bounced around a lot after that. So then it was like going from 4 dollars a gallon to 20 to 25 dollars a gallon for gas within a few years time. It was pretty hard and the U.S. went into recession after recession until the 1990s with the Clinton Administration which had to be a sort of "Golden Age" for the U.S. because we didn't have to worry about nuclear annihilation from the Soviet Union on a moments notice anymore. We had to worry about other things instead.

But, the point I'm trying to make here is that Baby Boomers were exposed to ideas like, "You can grow up and become president!" The sky was the limit in our parents naive minds and our little minds believed this and many of us died in our late teens and early 20s because this just wasn't true for most of us.

But, for a rare few the sky was the limit. Even for me, because at core I was always very intelligent and physcially strong and tall and nice looking to some degree the sky was the limit for me too.

And because education never ends (potentially) in the U.S. I succeeded ongoing in different ways at different times ongoing to where I was affluent by my 50s and even before. So, after many failures and successes the end result was never permanently giving up.

But, the real beauty of the "Baby Boomers" was we were idea people and still are. We were able to grasp concepts that terrified our forebears and just keep right on going. Likely this was because we had food and technology and we healthier because of diet and education than ANY generation before us. But, people born just a year or two before us often thought completely differently about everything.

Maybe our most important contribution to the survival of mankind was "Make Love Not War". This prevented a lot of wars. Because sexually pent up people tend to kill themselves or others, and when they get together they kill millions of others through their repressed sexual psychoses. So, for a short time our "Make love not War" philosophy worked because of the birth control pill before herpes and sexually transmitted diseases went through all classes of people in the western world and beyond.

But, the communication and movement towards world peace and meeting people from other nations, as friends and lovers and acquaintances and through world travel we became known to everyone and the world became a better though smaller place through understanding of each other rather than the nuking of each other.

We also began to get degrees and advanced degrees so we wouldn't be killed by the Viet Nam war by the draft. Women poured into colleges and got advanced degrees too to be with these intelligent young men. Ideas proliferated regarding all things, knowledge exploded and was applied in new ways.

So, our generation became a bridge to a possible future without nuclear wars, and to some degree without any large wars at all. This made today possible without the world being totally nuked out of existence from the insanities of the past in more small minded mechanistic ways of thinking that were no longer useful to world survival and the survival of the human race on into the future.

And now we are a bridge to longevity as well. Because we won't give up without a good fight for human immortality. That's just how Baby Boomers naturally are.

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