Thursday, October 31, 2013

What will Happen if Obamacare stays in place and works?

What basically will happen if it works well enough is that all the people that were going to die or go bankrupt from an illness won't die or go bankrupt from an illness as long as the illness is curable.

This then will keep people alive that otherwise would have died under the previous system. It also might weaken the gene pool to some degree by people surviving that wouldn't have otherwise. But, this point is very debatable on a variety of fronts.

The other likely thing is that the U.S. government won't be driven into bankruptcy (at least by health care costs spiraling out of control (as long as government to some degree regulates those health care costs by some logical and useful method that the country can agree on.)

So, to repeat would likely will happen if Obamacare works is:

1. People won't die of curable diseases in the U.S. if they are citizens or are covered under the affordable care act as green card holders.

2. people won't go bankrupt trying to stay alive who have curable diseases (at least by trying to pay health care costs out of pocket).

3. The U.S. is much less likely to go bankrupt (at least from Health care) if this ACA (Obamacare) goes forward.

There are many secondary things that likely will happen too.

But, remember there are only 10 to 14 states where Obamacare actually has to work really well for it to continue to exist in all states.

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