Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PBS NEWS regarding NSA Spying last night

I was watching pbs newshour last night on TV and I wanted to relay what I learned. A previous head of the NSA came on and talked about how conversations with Merkel that were recorded by the NSA likely were not about anything at all to do with her. They likely had to do with WHO she was talking to like the head of Iran or to Assad from Syria or something like that. So, it is more than likely they were not trying to monitor her but rather monitor the people she was talking to instead.

Also, he said that the U.S. shares freely with allies a lot of the information it gathers around the world including satellite feeds of important things happening worldwide.

There is another set of agreements the U.S. has with mostly English Speaking nations like Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealnd which is sort of a non-interference agreement regarding not spying on each other. It is sort of a commonwealth de facto agreement between English speaking nations that originally sprang from Great Britain.

I found this all pretty fascinating to listen to as most of it was news to me.

IT concerns me that Snowden is doing all this revealing of information from Russia. The fact that possibly the timing of all this is "Russia's timing" should be troubling to all members of NATO and to the western world in general. IF the timing of these revelations destroys NATO in the present or future this is unfortunate for everyone in the Western World and beyond.

Because "United we stand but divided we fall"

This is true not only of just the United States but of the whole western world and to some degree the whole world might need to stand together in the future and present regarding surviving together Global Climate change now and into the future.

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