Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quality of Life

A year ago last October 8th I found I was beginning to have  problems with my heart. So far, I have survived over one year since then. However, for me it is not just about survival it is about quality of life. I'm not the kind of person that would choose to survive(for myself) if I can't travel the world, keep my physical and mental faculties, ride my motorcycle (a dualsport) and ski on Mt. Shasta and Mt. Hood. Quality of life is important for me to choose to survive. (However, then there is family and what does one sacrifice for them towards the end of one's life. That remains to be seen). However, I thought I would share this article because I think it might be useful to the human race to understand what happened to me on October 8th 2012.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why I study and report about Solar Flares, and magnetospheres on both Earth and the Sun

I believe it was last October 8th my wife and 2 daughters and one of their friends flew back from Maui to the Mainland after spending about 10 days there on a fall break from my younger daughter's prep school. I didn't feel right as we flew and I had already been stressed that day because Alaska Airlines computers had been down from a Solar Flare from the sun and stayed down about 5 hours that morning. As a result when they came back up I didn't get to say goodbye to my older daughter who was flying to Portland because her plane had been in route when they grounded their fleet of aircraft so it was ready for the return flight to Portland while I was returning our rental car. So, I was upset about not being able to say goodbye too. Everything was changing as I returned the rental car. Then as I flew on our plane to San Francisco California I didn't feel right like something was wrong with my heart. Then my older daughter told me how people with minor heart problems often are affected by solar flares when flying above 15,000 to 20,000 feet in altitude if a solar flare is going off while they are in the air. Sometimes people even have heart attacks triggered by flying during a large solar flare going off. When we returned home I didn't feel right and found I wasn't processing mentally right. My wife was worried I was getting senile dementia. So, we went to my doctor and started tests to see what was wrong. It appeared that I had Congestive Heart Failure and my heart was pumping 1/3 less blood to my brain for my brain to function right. So, I started taking lisinopril and my mind cleared up and I was back to normal (sort of). What I mean by that is though my mind was back to normal my health wasn't.

So after this experience I realized that Solar Flares, a degrading Magnetosphere on earth has been killing people for some time now. And in my case being exposed at altitude to a major Solar Flare had damaged my health. So, since many are being killed both directly and indirectly by the combination of a degrading magnetosphere with cracks on earth combined with solar flares whose radiation now often penetrates our atmosphere and into the earth (and everything that lives on it), I decided that I should do research on all this myself since it had affected my health and thereby encourage real scientists to answer some of my questions.

It is not just my health that is at stake in all this. It is everyone's health on Earth. And if I die from being exposed to a solar flare at altitude last October 8th sometime in the next 5 or 6 years at least I will know that I did all I could do to prevent or lessen others deaths and suffering from similar experiences worldwide ongoing. So, what I'm trying to do is to encourage research and funding in these subjects worldwide to facilitate the ongoing health and survival of the human race through all of this both now and into the future.

We might find out ways to survive all this on earth or we might find that like Mars Earth is becoming a place humans can't live on anymore and we might need to find somewhere else to live as a species.

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