Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spironolact for Edema for Heart Patients

My Cardiologist told me he wanted me to go onto Spironolact  25MG for Edema because it significantly reduces morbidity(death) in patients around the world. So, if you have heart problems and Edema at the same time ( a lot of people from the British Isles for example tend to get Edema when they get older). If you don't know what edema is it is water and blood retention in your lower extremities especially in your feet and lower legs.

However, he said a blood test after a week or two is necessary to make sure your potassium level doesn't get too high. So, you need to be under a doctor's care with blood tests so you don't run into potassium problems even though this drug tends to lessen deaths from edema combined with heart problems overall.

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