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It is my personal experience that Enlightenment is best through Spontaneous Accomplishment. I began to fully realize this during the 1980s when I was working at a Fire Lookout for CDF in California and I was visited by a form of Vajrasattva (the highest form of Buddha in the physical Universe that I sometimes along with his consort Nyema equate with the God and Goddess of the physical universe). I was told I would be going to India by the 10th of December 1985. I went home when I got off after my 3 1/2 day duty there and told my wife I was going to India. Or rather I said, "I think we are going to India this December." I had never been before in this lifetime. She said, "How are we going to pay for this?" I said,"If God is going to come to me and ask me to go then money will be provided."

So, about December 1st we inherited some money we hadn't expected. So, since we owned a business and had to make rent and car payments when we went to a travel agency it wasn't enough to make our business, car payments and rent happen and go and to make it all work. So, I sort of gave the idea up. A few days later our friend wanted to Visit Haight Ashbury where he was hung out in the late 60s while he drew and wrote for the Berkeley Barb when he was young. We were walking(all my family including my wife, 3 children, my friend and my mother down Haight STreet in San Francisco when my mother saw a travel agency that advertised "7 days in Waikiki, Hawaii for $275". I thought this couldn't be true so I went in with my mother to make sure she wasn't taken advantage of. However, when I walked in I saw from posters on the wall that this was a discount fare Travel Agency set up more for college students and graduate research students and professors who have time but not a lot of money to travel. So, the tickets were based upon time and not money like most tickets were. So, I asked the travel agent how much 6 month discount tickets would be to Kathmandu, Nepal. He said, "5 tickets would be around 6000 dollars that are open ended through Tokyo, Hong Kong if you want to, Bangkok Thailand, and Kathmandu, Nepal, but you have to leave by December the 11th at the latest because of the upcoming holidays in the Orient." I immediately bought the tickets as I realized God was moving us. My wife and I were amazed and so were our kids because she had decided they had to go with us in case we died over there she didn't want them to be alone over here without parents. So, to make all this work we were taking the kids too. I was sort of uncomfortable about this in taking them but she proved to be right about this in many ways.

There were many enlightening experiences on this trip of 4 months through Japan, Thailand, India and Nepal. However, if I were to highlight some of the most enlightening things would be the "Kalachackra Tantra initiation we received at Bodhgaya from the Dalai Lama(which we didn't know existed when we left home)(the initiation with 500,000 people) in December near Christmas 1985. The next amazing experience was traveling by train from Bodygaya with Geshe Lobsang Gyatso, a friend of ours from Santa Cruz, who is a Geshe(spiritual Friend) Lama that we met again in Bodhgaya and his Darjeeling Tibetan Translator.

When we arrived by train and by bus (at the end) in Dharamshala, India which is at about 6000 feet in the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh State in India we saw the home of the Dalai Lama and met many of the Tibetans that lived there that are refugees from Tibet. There were about 10,000 Tibetans living there in 1985.

Another amazing thing that happened while we were there was being summoned by a monk we knew who had been authorized to take us to see Ling Ripoche who ran Tibet for the Dalai Lama while he was growing up and meeting the New 4 year old Trijang Rinpoche who had just reincarnated 4 years before. Ling Rinpoche is the Senior teacher of the Dalai Lama and Trijang Rinpoche is the junior teacher of the Dalai Lama. They have been reincarnating in sequence and discovering each others new baby bodies now for at least 500 or 600 years now.

When I was taken to see Ling Rinpoche it was a very amazing experience for me because my father had passed away about  6 months before. So, when I walked into a room and saw Ling Rinpoche sitting on a table in the Maitreya Mudra projecting the Heaven realms back to us in the room I almost fainted from the power of it. I had never experienced anything like this before. I asked through an interpreter if he was coming back and going to walk around again. They said "NO" not in this body but he wasn't dead yet and had been meditating like this without decomposing for about 2 years already. So, I knew immediately I was witnessing something I had never heard of before. This changed my life in very profound ways that I cannot even begin to explain in words. They also gave all the members of my family what I would call "Darshan" which is an Indian word for "Spiritual Blessings" to empower us as Tibetan Buddhists.

After this experience Tibetan Lamas told us we needed to go to Rewalsar, India (which is about 5 hours by bus from Dharamshala, India near the city of Mendi high about 3000 to 3500 feet up in the mountains there. This is the location of the Padmasambhava manifestation of Dorje Drollo, which is a crazy wisdom manifestation of him and Mandrava, the local Princess of that time. They recognized that I was a crazy wisdom manifestation of Padmasambhava and had a connection there.

While I was there I asked Saint Germain if he had been Padmasambhava because of the way Padmasambhava manifested. He reminded me a lot of Merlin in England around the same time. While I was there Saint Germain answered me by turning the whole sky violet and bringing violet lightning crashing down for over an hour or longer. So, in the rain and lightning I went around the sacred lake during the lightning doing Dorje Drollo mantras for a local lama who was ill so he would get well as I remembered past lives with him in this area and wanted him to get well. I was told he did get well.

All these experiences profoundly changed my life. I have always believed Spontaneous Accomplishment will take all beings into enlightenment if they try always to be in the right place and the right time all the time like Buddha and Jesus and others did always.

I believe we now live in the times of Maitreya and that the primary sign of Maitreya is the Internet and the Singularity coming. The Consicousness of Maitreya I believe also is the 2nd coming of the Christ that someone manifests through the coming Singularity coming.

I see this as the human race going into a cocoon like a butterfly when the Internet started. When we as a race come out of the cocoon and become the butterfly everything literally will have changed on earth including all of us. In order to shepard the human race into becoming a butterfly instead of dying as a race the consciousness of the Maitreya Buddha who I believe to be the 2nd coming of Christ as well is occurring for all of us here on earth.

I believe I am a part of all this as I write here on the Internet to the now 270,000 people who have read what I write and quote and for all the millions who will read from this site in the future. All of you who feel moved should also blog about your experiences regarding all this too worldwide. By God's Grace.

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