Monday, October 28, 2013

Hurricane Sandy: one year later

I was watching the news on PBS Newshour tonight as well as NBC Nightly News. NBC reported on all the babies born one year ago and how they were doing and PBS reported on what a mess it caused last year to the New York City Subways, Electrical infrastructure, and Verizon Telephone and Wireless there in New York. So, they did things like put a submarine watertight room around things that failed this last time so they can work even if they are underwater. the same with electrical fittings under the streets. They replaced them with ones that are completely waterproof. But, I've got to tell you when someone tells you something is completely waterproof and it isn't inside a ship or submarine I usually don't believe them. Because most things electrical tend to be water resistant but not waterproof completely unless they are specifically designed for inside ships or submarines. And even then they fail sometimes because of salt water or salt air. (My Dad used to be an Electrical Contractor).

So, without major breakwaters to stop the water some things will fail electrically and get millions of tons of water next time too because the oceans have risen too much for anything else to happen.

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