Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You don't look a gift horse in the mouth

In other words when something is a gift you don't question it you accept it.

The U.S. has been the laughing stock of the civilized world for about 50 years now in regard to Universal health care. And because of this we are considered the least civilized of all the fully developed nations. And when the Clintons tried to create universal Health care the Health care industry (unabashedly) spent 100 to 200 million dollars to defeat it. And they did.

This time with Obamacare the Health care industry waited until it passed to destroy it. This is a story of what this is like to watch now for me:

There are 7 people that are freezing to death in the snow. So, a 7 passenger van pulls up that is a little rickety and the people say, "Oh. Look at that broken down van. Let's wait for another van to save us." So they tell the driver to drive on without them. The people all freeze to death because they are just being stupid and small minded. The van was called Obamacare and the driver was Obama. Sure, the van was rusty(but the heater worked). Sure the van was old (but it still ran). So, because the van wasn't GOOD enough for them they told it to go away and the people froze to death. However, I"m worried that the people didn't just freeze to death so did their children waiting at home for them too without supervision.

So, my story is about an imperfect Obamacare offering to rescue people in the U.S. from the most expensive Health care system on earth that is bankrupting the U.S. because it just costs too much to be sustainable anymore. Our old health care system is a lot like the U.S. military industrial complex (they both bankrupt our nation). And both of them are killing all of us. But what I'm witnessing now is people telling the Obamacare van to move along down the road. What people don't seem to realize there is no other healthcare bus coming for probably another 70 years. The country will be bankrupted by the healthcare system and the Military industrial complex by then. This might be our last chance. I think without Obamacare (or something like it that likely won't come for another 70 years) our government will bankrupt itself and that will be the end of our system of government.

So, what we may be witnessing with the potential end of Obamacare is also the end of our democracy if you understand how healthcare costs will drag our nation down without it. Health care Companies want Obamacare to fail no matter what. However, if it does so might our whole nation because right now we cannot economically survive as a nation without it.  Some might say it is a lose lose situation. But without it our nation likely will be toast.

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