Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog about things that are important to you

One of the things that is nice about having your own blog site where you publish is you can quote and write about whatever you want to. This gives importance to what you think is important and the people that read your blog are interested in what you are interested in writing and quoting about.

This gives credence to what actually might be more important in the world than most print or online media does. Often media is paid for by companies or business interests that have no real interest in what happens to anyone on earth but their pocketbook. And one must always be suspect of news outlets like this. Whenever money gets involved morality of all kinds usually goes out the door.

So, as a blogger you can bring up things that You see people need to know about worldwide so people can survive their lives and not just be exterminated wholesale by countries and companies worldwide. Blog about what will save people's lives and make their lives better worldwide.

Though we divide ourselves into cities and nations if you have ever looked at a picture of earth from space where are the boundaries? They are only in our minds.

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