Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Finder

My wife and daughter have been watching the "Bones" series from TV lately. There are about 200 episodes I believe at this point and there is a season that just started on TV this fall as well. All of the episodes are available on Netflix. So we access them onto my 60 inch flatscreen in the living room through Roku since it is the simplest to use and most dedicated to the newer streaming media like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others.

One of the episodes I watched with them is about someone who believes he has a power which is to find literally anything. He says he got this power after he has post traumatic stress disorder from fighting in Iraq as a U.S. soldier.

To me, this episode was believable in the way his gifts manifested. For example, Bones says something like, "I lost a medal I won when I was 11 and I would like it back." Since she is at least 30 at this point in the story that means he would have to find something lost about 20 years before which most people would find impossible to actually do. Yet, he finds this medal and gives it to her because he has feelings for her and wants to impress her. The finder also has two friends, one who owns a bar in a believe Florida somewhere who is a pilot (a lady) and a Black friend who is also a lawyer who tells him what is legal to do and what isn't. The story is believable because often people who are gifted are also precious. Precious in the sense that they are beautiful as beings to those who know them. I often find intuitives that are "precious". One of the reasons intuitives are often precious is because they see all life as their brothers and sisters and family. Once one enters into this kind of consciousness where all life is your family often you become "Precious".

Tibetan Lamas often call their "realized Buddhas" or Tulkus "precious" or "Precious Jewel". This is a way of defining the person as being valuable to all mankind and not just all mankind but valuable to all beings in the universe.

 Finding physical objects is not my forte. Keeping people alive is my forte, especially from accidents in their lives. So, one of the reasons I write this blog is to keep enough humans alive who are intuitives so the human race just doesn't go extinct sometime in the next 300 to 1000 years which is what will happen if there aren't enough balanced intuitives around here on Earth.

The sociological, spiritual and physiological changes that will occur here on earth the next 1000 years and beyond are just so extreme that without intuitives like myself and others the human race just won't survive it. Intellectual ability alone will not predict enough of the changes to survive them. It just won't happen.

So, the only way I can presently see for the human race not to go extinct during all the coming changes is for there to be enough balanced and aware intuitives who act sort of like doctors and nurses for the human race in every way. I just don't see a way for the human race to survive otherwise. By God's Grace.

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