Monday, October 28, 2013

Revelations from a 4 Day Vision Quest in 1983

I have written about this experience before. Here is one of them if you are interested Visions Quest
 but suffice it to say this experience completely changed how I saw being a human being on earth forever. I realized from this 4 day experience that almost anything is possible.

With nothing more than a ground cloth, clothes, a jacket and a sleeping bag and a huge fallen tree to get out of the rain when it rained I ate no food or drank no water for 4 days and found this was the single most physically empowering experience of my life up to then. If this was 1983 then I would have been then just turned 35. Two years later my father passed away and in my mind my life ended. I was shown to go with my family to India and Nepal for 4 months and the vision quest prepared me for the amazing things I saw in India, Nepal and Thailand with my wife and three children. Those three years from 1983 until 1986 prepared me for the rest of my life. Otherwise, the rest of my life would have been unimaginable to me before that. But starting with the vision quest when I didn't eat or drink water or anything for 4 days I realized almost ANYTHING is possible if a human being can do this. In some ways humans are tough and resilient on all levels if properly prepared in ways I could not even have imagined before this.

So, now I'm 65 and  I fully understand I live in a constant State of Grace with God. Because hundreds of times he has shown me the Grace to bring me back to life from many amazing experiences ongoing worldwide.

As a result of all this I see though I could pass away the next moment or tomorrow, it is just as likely that I will live to 100 or 500 or 1000 or 10,000. With all these possibilities equally likely I am amazed and living in a state of Grace with God and very Grateful for every moment of life.

It is also an enlightened realization that now this is equally true for literally everyone on earth.

Just remember "Anything is possible at any time with God".

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