Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The first few days after taking Spironolact for Edema

Spironolact for Edema for Heart Patients

I wrote the above article before I started taking the medicine but after I had been prescribed it by my Cardiologist.

After taking the medicine for about 3 days now I am surprised at the results. My experience is a very good one generally speaking. The first 24 to 36 hours were kind of iffy because I greatly experienced positive effects while feeling sort of scared about potential side affects especially after really awful side affects from trying to take Coreg and Lipitor. Coreg made me completely crazy and dysfunctional and Lipitor gave me muscle wasting so I could not take either of these medicines as a direct result.

So, taking one more medicine after not being able to take other diuretics for more than 1 to 2 or 3 times weekly because of adverse affects but also good ones I was leary of taking Spironolact. However, the only side affects so far when I take this in the morning at the same time as my morning lisoprinol have been good ones.

So, for example, my daughter yesterday said I was thinking and speaking more clearly on the phone to her and she attributed it to the spironolact. I too, have noticed I am much more resoureful since I started taking this medicine. Also, my feet before often felt like I was walking on water bags without really feeling the ground well with the bottoms of my feet. So, since I can feel the nerves in my feet better now that extra water and blood are removed by spironolact I can go back to a youthful stride especially while walking my dogs in the forest.

So, if you are dealing with Edema combined with heart problems spironolact might be very helpful to you because it reduces morbity (deaths) a lot in heart patients. I find myself less tired and more alert and feel much more awake when I'm up and about during the day. My Cardiologist said that I don't have to worry about taking this during warmer weather too. The only drawback I have seen so far is I noticed I had a little "dry eye" during the night. Before I started taking armour Thyroid for my hypothyroid condition in  2006 I have really terrible problems with dry eye especially in Palm Springs where my son attended college and university there during that time. But after taking armour thyroid starting in 2006 my hormones balanced out and I had no more problems with Dry eye until last night. My solution for dry eye is to just take some water in your hands and rub a finger that is wet across a closed eyelid. This usually allows enough moisture to get in to wet the eye for a couple of hours. I used to fill the palm of my hand with water and then stick my face into it and blink my eyes but I found the wet finger across the closed eye more effective and less messy over time.

But if you are going to put water in your eyes make sure it is safe enough to drink before doing this. Otherwise, just boil some water and let it cool down to room temperature before doing this.

Note: One very important thing to be aware of. IF you take this medicine you need a blood test within a week or two. IF Your potassium levels go to high from taking this medicine your heart will stop for good. So, a blood test is necessary to make sure you stay alive.

However, if you can tolerate this medicine without your potassium going to high it will also reduce your chance of morbidity (death).

The way it was explained to me it this. Having too much water and blood in your extremities all the time is a strain on your heart from the Edema. So, keeping the extra water and blood out of your extremities reduces the strain on your heart and keeps you alive much longer. So, if you can safely take this medicine if may save your life.

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