Monday, October 28, 2013

rain in California

It had been 20 degrees colder in general the last week or two now and mostly cloudy. But, I live at the ocean where high or low fog is often common for days or even weeks at a time. So, I was surprised when it started raining yesterday and my wife brought the dogs inside to feed them as normally they eat outside once in the morning and at about 5pm at night. It proceeded to rain off and on all night and into the morning and even after I was going to walk my dogs in the late afternoon it was suddenly wet outside once again. So, I got my emergency  Green plastic rubber jacket with a hood for working in weather emergencies or walking the dogs in the rain out and popped it into my truck so I would have it on my walk with the dogs in case I needed it.

As I just pulled up a radar weather map in action for the western United States I noticed that there is some snow coming down near Mt. Shasta, in Nevada, Utah, Montana, and North and South Dakota right now going  on. There are still a few rain clouds coming into northern California off the ocean as well even now. For us, this is the first significant rain of the season.

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