Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hunches are what  keep people alive. You might not notice how often you use hunches to stay alive.   Remember when you didn't change lanes on a freeway while driving when you had a feeling that something was wrong? And then you noticed the car that had been in your blind spot so that if you had changed lanes one or more people including you might have died? People are using their instincts to stay alive all the time.

For example, you meet someone that you might want to date but have a bad feeling about them even though the (appear) to be the most beautiful person you ever met. And then a friend of yours dates them and tells you that she almost killed him because she was nuts? Or you are applying for a job and you realize you don't want to really work there. Then someone you know takes that job loses a finger or hand doing that job or worse?

Hunches (or intincts) are a part of intuition. Everyone has this quality. Now, imagine someone learns from all these hunches and changes the way they function so they can be more aware of all these hunches in newer more useful 24 hour a day settings.

When someone does this over the years then you can call them an intuitive. There are many forms of this including Priests, ministers, Shaman, some doctors and nurses and other healers like accupuncturists, Chiropractors and other including Massage Therapists.

Or someone might just use their abilities to help them start a business and become successful in this way too.

Everyone is instinctual. Developing these instincts into a life style or career is what an Intuitive tends to be.

My start was having first whooping cough and meeting Archangel Michael and his band of Archangels when I was 2 when he came and healed me from whooping cough. So, instead of dying then he put me on a path of becoming an intuitive or incarnate Angel or incarnate Archangel. What they do I call Soul Traveling. Others might call it something else. However, I learned at 2 I wanted to do this too.

So, after seeing Archangel Michael at 2 and being healed by his presence along with the other Archangels I was changed. Before I had whooping cough I was sort of intense and angry as a child. After almost dying of whooping cough I was calmer and thoughtful and at times fearful because of fighting for breath while turning blue so many times while trying just to breathe at all.

So, though I was still a very intense being underneath I found it better to lead with calmness and centeredness and intuitiveness after this near death experience. Then at 10  I got blunt trauma childhood epilepsy (in other words a blow to the head dented my skull and caused seizures until my skull grew enough to release the pressure off my brain. (I only learned this is what happened while my son was in nursing school and getting a B.S. in Nursing) He said the only epilepsy people can grow out of is blunt trauma epilepsy caused by a blow to the head and a denting of the skull which someone then grows out of by the skull growing as one grows up.

During Blunt trauma childhood epilepsy I sort of didn't expect to live through this either. So, at times I felt sort of suicidal and a victim of life and God because the experience of having a seizure was the  most like being murdered each time which likely would kill anyone over 30 or 40. But, because I was young and resilient and relatively healthy and strong I somehow survived this.

But, I had to be so aware of my every thought and feeling all the time to be able to survive this that this made me eventually become an intuitive by age 15 when my seizures ended permanently.

So then, once the near death stuff was over I was free to become an intuitive. At the time though this was pretty scary stuff because no one I knew then at 15 was even half as gifted as I was. So, this was kind of different. I found I had to develop my own set of ethics around all this sort of stuff because there was no one there to teach me. Because I knew God wasn't going to let me survive unless I used these gifts to benefit all beings which I slowly learned to do over time.

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