Thursday, October 31, 2013

Is the Tea Party Against the U.S. Government?

I'm coming at this from an Independent and moderate point of view.

When the Tea Party says they want to make the Obama Government fail at all costs and are even willing to shut down the government for 16 days they demonstrate to the American People that they are primarily not against Obama, they are against the U.S. Government's existence itself.

Even if I don't agree completely with any democratic or republican Government I still basically support the existence of our democracy in a Republic, My point of view is that both parties go to extremes and having both parties rule our country keeps it someplace I can still stand to live in.

But, the Tea Party more and more demonstrates both by it's rhetoric and it's actions that they actually want our government to end if it is not completely extreme Conservative Republican or Tea Party in nature.

This is basically saying (because there will no longer be demographically enough white Republicans to ever elect another Repubican President ever), "We want a dictatorship or War Lords to champion our points of view even if we have to overthrow the present system of government to do this." And this sort of thinking reminds me of what happened during the Civil War from 1860 to 1865 a long time ago.

This I think is actually what is being said by many Tea Party Republicans. And if this is true they are no longer a part of our system of governance.

I have supported to the best of my ability every Republican and Democratic President since I was born. The reason for this is simple: They all represent the will of the majority of voters in the U.S.
So, whether it is a Republican or Democratic President they all deserve our respect and support because they continue the amazing heritage of our country ongoing.

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