Saturday, October 26, 2013

73% U.S. citizens think U.S. Corrupt AND NSA Worldwide Spying?

This is a really bad situation for the U.S. What I find strange about this though is Obama is much more a champion of human rights than Bush ever was and Cheney wasn't much of an advocate for rights worldwide at all for the average human being on earth.

So, what is really strange is this whole context of 73% of Americans thinking the nation is corrupt combined with the rich getter richer and the poor getting poorer and actually dying from it after what happened in 2008 caused by Rich Bankers making mistakes around the world.(And this has not been corrected by the way) so another 2008 could actually happen any day now because NOTHING fundamentally has changed to make it go away even now.

So, the problem now is (as I see it) most people don't really know that literally every nation on earth does what we do. It's just we spend more money time and computers on this Spying thing than most other countries do. Literally everyone on earth is spied upon by countries like the U.S., Russia, China, Most European Countries and many other countries around the world that can financially afford to hire people and computers to do this for them. In fact, it is quite likely that feeds of information from U.S. computer spying likely is sold or given to allies under some circumstances as well including satellite videos that can have been able to read the date on a dime on the ground literally anywhere on earth in the daytime since the 1970s. What can't they do now?

But, the public furor about Edward Snowden Releases is definitely embarrassing for the U.S. government simply because every other nation does it too. Obama is bugged by Germany, and England and Mexico and Brazil if they can get away with it too. So, it is very disingenuous for any world leader to mislead their people in this way. However, it plays well to the public who is ignorant about the realpolitik of spying worldwide.

However, if it can be proved that people are selling this information to the rich worldwide to make even more money while people starve to death then that is something that even Snowden should publish, because that would actually be deadly in a way we haven't seen before here on earth. And what is strange is likely this will start happening soon. If Snowden doesn't do this I'm sensing that others likely will. So, where there is corruption in any government you might start to see those governments (possibly including the U.S) start to falter and fall worldwide. The 5th estate is something governments haven't figured a way to stop yet in the free world at least. If the 5th estate isn't stopped (everyone on earth telling the truth or trying to) every government and every wrong will be brought into the limelight. However, I'm worried it mostly is going to be misused by people lying around the world too but lying in a way that cannot be disproved in any useful way by people trying to defend themselves and their nations from being destroyed from within and without at the same time.

But, because most people are naive or ignorant about this sort of thing obviously some of the naive are going to get up in arms about it. However, to me, they are just demonstrating the full impact of spying electronically by all nations on earth. IF the NSA didn't continue doing this (despite anything they say to the contrary) our nation wouldn't even be around by Christmas let alone next year. That is how bad it really is with this stuff. And most people just wouldn't believe the truth. Because it just wouldn't make any sense at all to them.

So, what I find the most ironic is one of the most liberal Human rights Presidents including President Clinton and Kennedy is in office and that he would be blamed for all this is sort of ridiculous that it is happening now.

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