Monday, October 28, 2013

Being and Non-Being

The first people who explained Being and Non-Being that agreed with my experiences as a Universe Traveling Soul Traveler were Tibetan Lamas and physicists. So, I was interested because of this in what they both had to say about Being and Non-Being in real life.

Though I am neither a Tibetan Lama nor a Physicist I can still understand at an elementary level what they are talking about.

 Often I have said in the past that the only real truth is Being (but not Time and Space).The real truth is the only absolute or absolutes (depending upon your perspective) are Being and Non-Being which might be best understood if you took a strobe light and slowed it down to where 40 to 100 years (the life of a human soul living in a body on Earth) was on. Then you could say it was off as long as the soul needed before reincarnating as a human or other type of physical or non-physical being anywhere or anywhen. In otherwords I'm comparing the photons coming through the strobe light to a human soul and when it turns off it is in either an anti-matter reality or a Dark Matter Reality (depending upon your point of view). But, in actuality likely a soul could exist in Matter, anti-matter, and dark matter at the same time in just the same way any photon can be multiple places at once. The same it true of Electrons and Atoms. "That any particle or atom is in any one place at any time is only a probability and not a reality." This any physicist can tell you is a law of particle physics. They might not be able to tell you why this is but they are sure to tell you that this is true that "it is only a probability that any atom or particle is in any one place at any given moment" So, in other words any particle could also be in any other space or time or even in spaces or times in anti-matter universes or even in dark matter simultaneously or not in any one of them at all? But, this is sort of confusing for everyone even though it is also true.

This is my own interpretation of all this. But, it is all based upon my real life experiences as well.

So, when the Strobe light is on that is Being (but only here in the physical material universe) and since that even all matter (and anti-matter) only comprise 4% of the known universe there is a third form you and I also exist in which is Dark Matter (a really stupid stupid name) for 96% of the universe.

So, if you looked as DArk matter as the Ocean of the universe and then Galaxies and physical things as waterfalls pouring into the ocean and thought of there being  matter waterfalls and anti-matter waterfalls pouring into the Dark matter ocean of the universe then you know that our souls being Pure Being naturally exist in the Physical universe (through wearing physical bodies), the (anti-matter universe) wearing (I'm not sure how to describe this) and in the Dark matter universe which is composed of both matter and anti-matter which is joined into one substance. (I don't know how better to explain this than that) But, as a soul traveling I have seen all these things and have been into the sun (which felt a lot like being in a hot tub) for a soul and have also gone out past the edge of our galaxy (and after getting completely scared out of my wits by what I found there and meeting Tibetan Lamas who were not afraid of the void beyond the galaxy, traveling to other Galaxies and places in the known universe.

However, after about 10 years of doing this I realized I was already everywhere inside and outside of time and space (God was patient with me in learning this). Because if any of this is learned too soon insanity or death of an individual is possible or both. It is sort of like you don't want children driving a Ferrari at 200 miles per hour if they are 5 or 10 years old. IT is something you have to grow into without dying unless you are a born realized Tulku (realized Buddha at Birth) type of person who is complete in intuitive and intellectual abilities while being physically and mentally healthy and balanced in all ways at all times. But this is rare.

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