Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Being Grateful

We luckily found a place to stay in Yosemite which was very surprising the night before we left. We rented another room at a best Western in Mariposa for the 2nd night because we were grateful on such short notice to get the first room in Yosemite Valley. Then my wife put in for any cancellations yesterday as we checked in for the next day. This morning she got us a room here in Yosemite for a 2nd night. All this seems like a miracle to me but my life has often been a miracle most of my life already if not all of my life. Today friends called to thank us for giving them a down quilt that folds into stuff sack which helped them as they were traveling not be cold last night and to thank us for a refrigeration back pack that my wife gave to them to keep things cold as that helped them in their travels too. They were going to visit an Art Museum in Malibu today. So then our getting a room for another day made more sense to us too. Our oldest Daughter who lives in San Diego with her husband now told us she is expecting twins. Since she and her husband are both about 31 now almost 32 this is good timing for them in their careers. My wife started to cry because because of the twins coming in happiness as we were caught in traffic in Yosemite for 1 1/2 to 2 hours but it was also beautiful to see the valley all full of water and for a very slow drive past meadows with full views of falls like Yosemite falls which is like a constant freight train of water thundering down into the valley now also with falls I've never seen before with water coming down this time of year. Also, there is so much water in the Merced River in Yosemite Valley one wonders if the roads in some places will be flooded soon or not even in the Valley. Because often boardwalks across meadows were underwater some places already.

So, being Grateful and living in the moment whenever you can seems to help not only yourself but also everyone around you 24 hours a day.

By God's Grace

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