Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Belief Changes Reality

You might say: "How?"

I think each person has their own view of this and you really can't tell anyone anything about this. They have to experience it for themselves.

For example, I believed (because I watched so many positive Thinking Christians die as I was a child that didn't need to die because they wouldn't go to doctors and be helped, that I came to believe that positive thinking was bad for a long time in my life. And if it wasn't bad it was at least very suspicious.

However, as I reached my 40s I realized I had it all wrong. What really was wrong is that people were not being scientific about their beliefs. And the other factor was Doctors and medicine in general in the U.S. in the 1950s was pretty pathetic too with doctors going on Television smoking cigarettes (I was in doctors offices in the 1950s with them smoking sometimes while treating patients for example).

So, this kind of thinking had to go away for people to start to trust doctors more. For example, my father trusted Health foods and just yesterday on TV since Doctors now are realizing that they don't have to give their patients medicines now and instead just teach them how to eat and how to cook their organic foods instead. And that if they do this many many less die before their times without any medicines at all very often.

Whereas my father was there since the 1930s already in regard to being a vegetarian and eating organic foods. His particular problem like his father before him is he just didn't trust doctors as far as he could throw them and so he died when his prostate cancer was diagnosed within 5 years time because he wouldn't treat it in a medical way instead he thought he could cure cancer by going on a macrobiotic Diet. It didn't work. He just died instead.

So, because my father was such a healthy person he might be still alive today at 101 years of age knowing him. But, he couldn't adapt to using doctors or surgeons to save his life. I'm not that way because I had to watch him die because he wouldn't listen to me then.

MY best friends father for example died of prostate cancer at 62 and my father died at my present age of 69. But, I'm okay because my life has been lived differently than my father.

So, what has changed from my father to me?

I realized he was wrong to think that a macrobiotic diet would cure cancer. It might have cured other people at different stages in their cancers I don't know but it didn't work for him.

So, what you believe in and trust does affect when you live and when you die so choose carefully.

By God's Grace

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