Friday, May 5, 2017

Biden: "Protections for Pre-existing conditions, mental health, maternity care, Addiction services- all gone in House bill

He says: "Day of Shame in Congress".

Pelosi says (minority leader in the House) "This is the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor and middle Class to the very rich she has ever seen in her lifetime".

For me, my point of view is that this is another instance of how Trump's lying kills a lot of people, including his own voters. And whether he is presently killing with this (if it also passed the Senate) thousands or tens of thousands of Trump voters this is reality. It is where the rubber actually meets the road.

Once again we are listening to a used car salesman lying to us trying to sell us a car (or insurance policy for more money than we are presently paying) that will only result in more of the deaths and untreated care of everyone we love here on earth.

How people can lie about this sort of thing is just exactly the same way that Trump tried to Swindle Barbara Corcoran out of her 4 million dollar commision years ago now for helping him stay in business.  So, helping keep him from going bankrupt personally he rewarded her with suing her instead of paying her the 4 million dollars he owed her.

For him, that's just good business. So, if Trump voters die from his lies, that just is the cost of his doing business and nothing else.

To Trump, Trump voters are expendable. To him, "There's a sucker born every minute!"

The second highest transfer of wealth from the poor and middle Class to the rich was the Great Recession. IN fact, it might exceed this rape of the American people perpetrated by the House of Representatives yesterday.

Now, if the Senate votes this in you and I can through All the people who voted for this genocide of people with pre-existing conditions by voting all those bums out of office! So, if it passes the Senate a whole lot of Republicans are going to be voted out!

Take names of who to vote out of office by who votes for this genocidal Bill. Start with the House!

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