Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Common sense, Instinct, Intuition and finally intelligence

Common sense is the most important quality of human survival. It could be said that "Common Sense" is a combination of all the things in the title combined in a way that allows humans to survive.

Let me give you an example, when I was young I was a ladies man. It's not that I'm not still but I have now been married except for 2 years since I was 26 years old to 3 different women. So, being a ladies man (all the time) isn't productive to raising children if you know what I mean.

But, the point I'm making here is that I could always bring intelligent women into my life as a ladies man because they are so attached to their intelligence. But, women who were much less intelligent but who had common sense often could see that I wasn't necessarily going to marry them and would turn me down.

What I'm saying here is that Intelligence isn't what keeps you alive. Intelligence is nice but unless you have common sense, Instinct and intuition you won't be alive very long. And this is pretty universal.

For example, we have all seen or heard about smart techs starting a dot com on the Internet and if they didn't have common sense in addition to their number crunching tech abilities were soon dead with their Ferrari's wrapped around a telephone pole or their Lear jets crashed somewhere while they were piloting them simply because intelligence alone doesn't keep you alive.

So, cultivating common sense, Intuition and instinct is more likely to keep you healthy and alive than anything else.

Why do cultures tend to cultivate ONLY intelligence Through Universities?

Because Intelligence keeps nations going and growing and functional and alive and vibrant.

But, common sense, intuition, and instinct actually keeps people alive and functional to old age.

Intelligence pursued often makes people alcoholics or drug addicts because of the associated neuroses that intelligence brings.

It is very difficult for intelligent people often to deal with death for example or the thought of death and then this might result in a hypochondriac from so much intelligence.

So, if you are really intelligent you will learn to develop your common sense, Intuition, instincts simply because as Einstein once said, "Intelligence isn't very useful if you don't also have common sense."

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