Monday, May 8, 2017

How can a person believe in God and also be a Buddhist?

Because for me if I didn't believe in God I would have likely died around age 15. Believing in God and experiencing God joining me in my body saved my life.

Then how can I also be a Tibetan Buddhist?

First of all, as you study spirit you see that life is a complete paradox. The more you study for example, comparative religion it is one paradox after another.

This is one reason why so many people just give up because a paradox is unfathomable to most people.

However, for me, a paradox is the true nature of the universe so embracing the paradox is how one becomes enlightened and rejecting the paradox is how people go insane and sometimes commit suicide.

One can either try to escape the infinite paradoxes to life or one can embrace them instead.

For example, if you are a woman often men are a paradox.

And if you are a man often women are a paradox.

But, if you embrace the paradox with:

Viva la difference!

Hooray for the difference!

Then you begin to understand that embracing the paradox is truly the only real way to stay alive and be happy. The other alternative is to die inside and to keep dying inside your whole life.

So, I embrace the difference of Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism and I embrace the differences between men and women and I am FREE!

This in itself is a form of enlightenment!

By God's Grace

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