Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Vitamins to stay alive after 40

Many people erroneously believe that they are getting enough vitamins in their food. Unless you are a total Foodie Health foodist who spends ALL their time calculating vitamins and nutrients in every organic non-GMO food you are going to eat this is not true.

So, for most of us who are not like my father was while I was growing up vitamins from a good source are important.

The first thing you need to know is often the vitamins you get at your drug store or supermarket and not very good compared to what you can buy at a place like Whole Foods or other well done health food organic food store.

However, it is also important to consider that what I just said isn't 100% true either.

For example, one vitamin you can buy almost anywhere that is very useful is (if you are over 50)
Centrum Silver for men and then there is also a Centrum Silver for Women. This one multivitamin has been proven to often increase lifespans of older adults by at least 9 years. So, this is one you can buy anywhere and possible (if you take one of these every day) increase your quality of life 9 or more years just by taking this one vitamin alone.

Also, if you are a man over 50 often urination can be a problem. There is one vitamin that I believe is made from caulifower that my doctor also takes and he recommended it to me. He takes this is around 73 and works out with weights about 1 hour or more every day. He also is the doctor that gives out medical certificates to airplane pilots in my area. I personally now take 2 to 3 of these every day and then I am able (even at age 69) able to urinate without pain or discomfort or going into the hospital for treatment like many other men my age.

Here is what it is called: accept no substitutes:

Bioresponse DIM 50 made by Bioresponse Nutrients. I get this online and it comes in 60 vegetarian caps bottles.

Another life saver I really learned the value of this winter and am still learning this:

It is called "Ridgecrest Herbals and the product name is Clear Lungs which is Chinese herbal formula.

If you don't want to get colds or flus, or especially the bad one going all over the world that I and my wife kept giving to each other from November to February, when I began taking 2 of these caps whenever I got a sore Throat or dry throat or began to have a runny sniffly nose or coughing I took two of these ClearLung caps every 4 hours until all the symptoms just went away without getting sick.

I have been doing this now since February to ward off Colds and Flus sucessfully so far.

Another one if you are a man or woman over 40 or 50.

You want to get Trader Joe's Sublingual B-12s and take one of these under your tongue a day. This will keep your brain working even if your stomach can no longer process any B Vitamins.

However,  without B-12 your brain cannot work at all (Senile Dementia) without B vitamins especially B-12. So, by putting it under your tongue it goes directly  (through cell salts into your blood stream thereby bypassing your stomach.

Often people over 40 or 50 cannot process B vitamins anymore in their stomachs and so their brains begin to stop working properly. This is very very common.

So, to have your brain still working you need to at least put a sublingual b-12 under your tongue once a day or get regular B-12 shots into your rear end. Otherwise your brain won't work right in many cases and you will be finished as a productive adult.

The least expensive of these you get from Trader Joes here in the U.S. However, Whole foods carries the same thing only it costs twice as much in a different package and bottle. But, without it your capacity to think clearly might go away by as early as 40 or 50 worldwide.

So, because of this I try to do a b-12 sublingual under the tongue every day.

Also, if you are a man and want to strengthen your prostate you should be taking Saw Palmetto caps which I have been doing for the last 20 years now. I take two caps a day and likely because of this my prostate is still very functional even though I have to also take Bioresponse Dim 50s (2 to 3 caps a day) to keep urinating well still at age 69.

If you are a man over 40 or 50 these are some of the most important things to do to keep your brain and prostate and body functioning ongoing. The other things are a good diet and some exercise every day. I have two dogs so when I'm home I walk them in the woods within a mile of where I live every day. Right now it is still beautiful with wild spring flowers still blooming there and the grass is up to 3 feet high in some places growing wild with ferns, and oaks and pine and redwood trees so these walks are very healing for me and make my two dogs very happy. I have a 95 pound yellow Labrador and a 13 1/2 year old Corgi female that is my daughters dog but she is now in college so she is sort of my wife's dog and my dog now.

So, vitamins and exercise and a good diet and a good retirement (if you are the kind that can survive retirement) is a good idea for a happy long life into your 80s, 90s or beyond.

So many relatives of mine have now made it to 90 or beyond. (MY wife's stepfather just passed on at 98 and was still flying me in his plane at 85 in his beechcraft bonanza V-Tail.

So, think about how you are going to keep your brain and body working until 100. It will give you something to do while you are having fun being retired if you are the retiring kind of person who can survive that and be happy.

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