Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How Does Unknown Matter turn into matter and Anti-matter and other things?

This is my theory. The actuality could be this or something somewhat different. But, as a Soul Traveler this is based upon what I have personally observed while traveling in the Center of the Galaxy Soul Traveling combined with everything scientific I have studied in College and on my own.

I think if I think about the universe (not the galaxies the 96% of the universe that is unknown or better known as Dark Matter which also means "Unknown Matter") I realize the best metaphor for it would be the ocean.

This works for me too. So imagine an ocean is made up of H2O which means 2 Hydrogen atoms bonded with 1 Oxygen atom.

Let's suppose Oxygen is the matter component of Unknown matter and the Hydrogen component is the Anti-matter component of Dark matter. But then how do we deal with all the fish and invertibrates and mammals who also live in the ocean? Since there are likely lifeforms floating in space in unknown matter that we might not recognize as life because we live in a specific environment here on earth and not in space where Dark or unknown matter is which is 96% of the known universe. Only 4% of the universe is composed of matter like we see in Galaxies. So, a galaxies are somewhere under 4% of the known universe.

So, let's suppose some of the lifeforms that live in unknown matter don't need air to breathe or matter as we know it or even time and space (which exists only in a matter galaxy anyway) and live by some other means than breathing, drinking water and eating food.

So, maybe they create galaxies like we create farms here on earth so we might have more children and feed them and give them land for their own farms (historically).

So, maybe thinking about Galaxies as Farms for Beings who live in unknown matter 96% of the universe makes the most sense anyway.

So, now we have seen that unknown matter compares in some ways to an ocean here on earth and that Hydrogen compares to Anti-matter and Oxygen compares to matter in this ocean. And then there are all the creatures that live in the unknown matter and what happens to them when unknown matter is separated into Hydrogen and Oxygen or Anti-matter and matter?

I don't know the answer to this question. It is yet to be determined.

However, we live in the Oxygen (matter realm) which also contains time and space. The Anti-matter Galaxy might be the other side of the Black hole in the center of every galaxy in the universe. This allows both matter and anti-matter to exist before eventually they fall back together at some point as unknown matter once again and return to the 96% of the known universe as unknown matter once again.

However, in studying all this beings like ourselves? that live in either the matter galaxy or the anti-matter galaxy that are polar opposites that necessarily live together in somewhat the same space except on either side dimentionally of the Black hole are only temporarily in existence much like a waterfall that exists only during the spring in many parts of our country and throughout the world. Or maybe another illustration is big waves breaking on an ocean during a storm with white foam?

So, since our galaxies are only temporary (millions to billions of years maybe) it is hard for us as humans who only tend to live mostly less than 100 years at present to understand all this and have it make sense for us. Because we at present don't even understand what it would be like to live in an anti-matter galaxy the other side of the Black hole dimentionally.

since Unknown matter is like H2O only matter and Anti- matter or Hydrogen and Oxygen combined into water but maybe that water doesn't contain matter or time and space because time and space (at least as we know it likely only exists in matter anyway).

So, there is more to learn than we already know in relation to all of this. I have spent the last 50 years trying to make sense of all of this and I have only scratched the surface so maybe you can go further in your researches than I have.

This is my present theory of what is actually happening in regard to galaxies, matter and anti-matter and the 96% of the universe which is presently unknown matter sometimes called Dark Matter.

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