Saturday, May 20, 2017

I find what is happening to our government profoundly depressing at best

We do not now have an effective Federal Government. Putin must be proud of the disassembling of our government. Out of approximately 557 government bureaucratic heads we have about 57 in place that need Congressional approval. Now, you would be out of your mind to join such a government in turmoil so likely those 500 leadership positions in the executive branch will never be filled (as long as Trump is president). For example, the Secretary of Education has many hundreds of people under her with jobs not filled or replaced at present and it is unlikely any of these jobs will be filled while Trump is president.

In past presidencies these officials also gave Clinton and Nixon cover. Trump has no protection of a cadre (any longer) loyal to him. Because he cannot demand loyalty without also giving it back.

So, I suppose you could say we have a 'Skeleton Crew" government in place with now Hundreds of "Deep Throats" within the government constantly being insulted by Trump.

Why does he believe he can insult the people working for him and demand absolute loyalty if he isn't going to give them his loyalty too?

I can only attribute this to his obvious personality disorder.

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