Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I got to thinking more about how a soul doesn't live in time or space

I first wrote about Arcane in 1980 when I lived in Mt. Shasta California. I lived then on Lassen Lane in an old White House with my family. I had walked to what was then a local health food and bulk food store called Pine Grove and bought some food. The owners now own Berryvale market down in town now today. So, on the bag of groceries I sat down on my front lawn and began to write about Arcane. This began "Memories". Within a year or two I wrote "Elohar and Ragna" while living on the coast on the ocean with my family. I also wrote "Lord Fire" about Darshan during this time. "Flame" first came to me in 1989 when we lived in Paia on Maui, Hawaii. But I didn't put all these together until after I almost died in 1998 and 1999. I had realized after almost dying that these were not fictional stories but past, present and future lives lived by me as well as people I have met in this lifetime and others. In 1980 I thought all lifetimes were sequentially forward. But realized since then that time actually has no meaning at all to a soul, so souls actually incarnate in whatever time or space they want to. But that would have been impossible for me to understand in actuality in 1980. Timing is everything in life, I guess.

New as of today: Wednesday May 17th 2017
After rereading this I realized it might be useful to try to think like a soul that doesn't live in time and space.

The closest thing resembling what we do now here on earth would be to think of a soul sort of like you or me standing in front of a bookcase full of thousands of DVD movies.

As we go along we think about what reality we want to visit next that might be helpful in our lives as a soul. Then we choose a DVD and put it into our DVD player and watch it but in this case we actually live this life for real. When the movie is over we leave whatever body we were living in during the movie and return the DVD to the bookcase once again and return to our Oversoul lives without Time or Space once again.

So, living in Time and Space in this sense is a temporary adventure we take as souls sort of like putting a DVD on that we then live in actuality to better understand ourselves and all life in the universe even though our natural state might have nothing at all to do with time or space because we live in unknown matter which composes 96% of the known universe that contains neither time nor space but might contain both matter and anti-matter in a form we don't recognize yet because it isn't in time or space (at least as we presently know it to be).

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