Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What is a Soul?

My Personal and very real experience of this in this lifetime is that a soul is not something that ever lives in time or space.

So, when we make the jump to live in time and space in a body like on earth or in a Sun as a Plasma Being or in a Nebula or as some kind of incarnation that lives in space drifting maybe like a jellyfish does in the Ocean Only in space in Galaxies or between galaxies we are just visiting time and space as souls only.

So, when a soul experiments by living a human body on earth for example, it is only a very very temporary experience.

So, thinking this is permanent (us living in a human body on earth for 1 year or less to 100 years or more is only an experiment sort of like us going to a movie and experiencing vicariously another life or lives someone else is living (only here on earth we are doing it ourselves in our souls).

Why don't we remember being souls?

Mostly because we might not be interested in that. That appears to be the ONLY reason I can come up with.

Because if you actually take the time to research what your soul is often you will come up with the truth which is that you are a visitor to time and space and your human body only. You are only a visitor here in time and space because that is not your natural state of being as a soul.

For me, there is peace in immortality. For others they might have a different experience. But, for me, in a way life and death is the same thing because of this. In a way being immortal for eternity is the same thing as dying as a human being in  a body here on earth.

They are both the same like a Zen Koan.

So, life and death is the same.

However, if you want your body to survive to see everything amazing it is bound to if it stays alive you cannot stay in this state all the time or it will kill your body.

But, I think understanding that this is what is really going on also allows one to have peace about their lives here on earth in that "Whatever is happening here is only temporary!" And for me, this gives me great peace.

So, standing on the razor's edge of this awareness gives one peace in life so they aren't worried about dying all the time.

Because fear of death interferes with living.

And if you aren't really living what the fuck are you doing here on earth in the first place?

Life is meant to be lived and to be loved.

IF you aren't doing that then why are you here?

LIVE LOVE Be HAPPY Travel the world!

Don't erect a prison of your own making to live in!

Live your lives!

You are Free to be kind to yourselves and all beings in the universe!


By God's Grace

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