Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I was sick most of November through February off and on

As an intuitive I can look at any situation and tell you right away what problems it is likely to cause.

When I looked at Clinton I saw a brighter future for the world but not under Trump.

What I saw with Trump was millions and millions of deaths around the world from various causes directly caused and indirectly caused by the Trump administration.

However, here's the kicker while I wracked my brains to try to figure out while I was sick off and on during these months I realized mostly why Trump is President.

Though life is hell on most of earth (except for the U.S. and Europe and maybe Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a few other nice places left on earth, the human race DOES NOT go extinct under Trump.

I looked forward on the time line under Clinton and even though she does so much good for the world the human race still went extinct in 2080 to 2090.


Political Correctness extincted the human race on Clinton's timeline!

Because Trump is not politically correct he so traumatizes the world they spring into action to defeat what he represents and though millions and millions of people die under Trump worldwide people get more realistic and less politically correct and in this way Trump saves mankind from extinction by ending political correctness.

So, by killing millions he saves the human race from extinction.

And if I hadn't traveled down both timelines I wouldn't have seen this coming.

But, you can bet the time travelers who protect the world DID see this who work for various governments around the world through the United Nations Security Council.

So, as hellish as it is to live under Trump the alternative if you are living in 2080 to 2090 is human extinction here on earth.


Overpopulation causes terrorism which causes human extinction and this extinction is facilitated by Political correctness out of control.

NO government could stop this inevitable outcome on Clinton's timeline if she was president.  It always resulted in human extinction around 2080 to 2090 because of continued Political correctness.

the reason I cannot give you a definite date extinction would actually have  occured is there are several possibilities of the actual final date if she had been elected president.

However, this being said "Hillary would have made a wonderful president and then 60 years later everyone would have died on earth.

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