Sunday, May 7, 2017

If you have a blog

You will find that your readership ebbs and flows. Once in a while you might be able to find a large audience and then everyone will rush to visit your site. However, often it is hard to maintain that in each of our busy lives. Since I'm not trying to make money on this site and instead running it as a world public service to help prevent human extinction while trying to enlighten as many as possible on earth more regarding (everything I can think of) that would be helpful in each and every moment.

For example, often the first thing I do when I wake up is to write an article composed by God and Angels during the night. Often they tell me what to write about to be the most helpful to mankind on any given day. Some of the clearest things therefore often come while I am asleep that are important for people to read. Also, when I choose articles to quote I'm also usually using my intuitive senses as to what is going to help life on earth not go extinct the most.

I believe that maintaining our platform of evolution here on earth for souls to incarnate on we are doing God a favor in maintaining his university here on earth for souls who choose to incarnate here.

Most apocalyptic teachings I believe have been put into our world religions in order to cause us to self destruct or commit suicide individually or collectively.

So, from my experience apocalyptic teachings are mostly about alien races of other planets or other times here on earth that want earth destroyed for whatever the reason mostly insane. Or they want humans to self destruct so they can use the planet after we are all dead.

Global Warming for example, is such a plan to kill off the human race, or at the very least thin us out down to 1 billion or 100 million people or less.

With Trump in power right now at least we are heading presently worldwide for 1 billion to 100 million people or no people within 100 to 200 years already.

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