Sunday, May 7, 2017

How to find Enhanced Dictation on your Macbook pro 2015 or newer

  1. I got frustrated today because when I looked in finder to find "Enhanced dictation it took me to my "Pages" which is like Word and the first "enhanced dictation"that I recorded that it converted into text there. However, there was no sign of the actual program "Enhanced Dictation" no matter what I did. How I used it for awhile was to not shut it down only turn it off when I wasn't using it. However, the last time I shut down the computer and brought it back up  it didn't return this time. So now, I have to find a way to find it again. So, I thought if I put enough information that I found online you might also benefit.


    Note: if you click the Apple in the left of your screen (on macbook pro 2015 or newer) then you click system preferences. since I had already downloaded from online 1.2 gigabytes of software to make "enhanced dictation" work as soon as I went into system preferences through the Apple menu (apple icon) it came up once again.

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