Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Is Trump Safe in Europe now?

The answer is either NO or Maybe. However, I'm sure this isn't the way he would look at this. But, then again he is a new president and just learning the ropes but used to traveling the world without problems for 70 years now. So, this is all new for him.

His attacks on Muslims in all ways isn't going to go down well with ISIS Types and you can only imagine how many new people that wouldn't have taken out Obama because they heard talk from Conservatives that he might be a Muslim.

However, Trump has alerted the world during his campaign that he is Anti-Muslim, as well as signing executive orders to keep Muslims from 6 countries (mainly Muslim countries) out of the U.S. So even though he has been reversed on this by the courts you have got to know he has at least 10 times the enemies who are Muslims than Obama ever did.

So, all these things must be considered. When you consider that protestors in Saudi Arabia are Beheaded and Israel Security is also Draconian too.

However, Human rights actually exist in Europe for most people including Muslims for the most part and this will change everything.

So, is Trump Safe in Europe?

Probably not or Maybe (one of the two).

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