Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Just like with Wanna Cry and Wanna Decrypt Ransomware North Korea could also do a nuclear strike without warning any moment

But then again so could we. It's just we likely would be more responsible in a situation like this than North Korea would as a completely rogue state. And what if North Korea hit us with nuclear weapons with the implicit agreement of China and Russia. Have you ever thought about this?

Because theoretically, China and Russia have been allies with North Korea since at least 1950.

So, there is no reason at all that if North Korea strikes any western nation including South Korea or Japan that this wouldn't be an attack from China and Russia as well.

And I'm sure that the U.S., Japanese and South Korean governments understand this as well.

So, a nuclear attack from North Korea could easily create a nuclear war that blows up the entire earth and ends the planet earth so it becomes just a 2nd  asteroid belt  in space with everyone and every life form on earth except astronauts in space already dead.

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