Friday, May 5, 2017

Many changes to the Time Space Continuum?

While I was in Mt. Shasta my daughter and I observed this happening. She is an intuitive like me and we were watching time change a lot.

Why was this happening?

I suppose there could be many explanations to this.

Here are some of the possible explanations.

1. War with North Korea was happening and we were being protected from negative outcomes.
2. We were begin protected so we could be more helpful in a future we were being put into.
3. The Time Space around Mt. Shasta was constantly going through time space alterations while we were there.

Or all the above and we were there for some reason so we could survive all these things and be helpful to the future of earth on the timeline we were put on.

But, there could be no mistake that our personal time space was being altered again, again and again for some reason.

As intuitives we could go through this without harm because we have a zero point sense.

What does this mean?

I means we sense where we are much like when you are driving in a car and suddenly the car stops you look outside and say "Oh. I'm in the desert now." Or you might say, "Oh, I'm at the ocean now." Or you might get off a plane and say "OH. I"m in Maui, Hawaii now, let's go snorkeling!"

It's like that. But,  someone else who doesn't have the senses of an intuitive might be scared, have a heart attack or a stroke and just die like someone 100 years ago might if someone took them on a plane to Hawaii and then suddenly pushed them out the door and then fell into a tropical ocean (like that).

So, being an intuitive allows you to cope with many changes that others just might have a stroke or heart attack and die from.

For example, the main survivors to real UFO experiences are Intuitives because we can sense the motivations of everyone you would  around you including any aliens. So, if you know the motivations of everyone without them verbally trying to convince you of something you always feel safe unless you are around someone who is having a psychotic break and just about to kill people. And even then you would sense this minutes or hours before this happened and choose to be in another time space because you would feel this happening too. So, you would tend to just get up and go someplace else without warning when you felt someone like this coming to your workplace or wherever you were. The same would be true of a truck going to drive through your workplace or anywhere else you were. You would know something bad was coming and you would get out of the way just like if you were standing next to a roof and saw a piano falling or sense it you also would get out of the way just like that.

So, maybe the best way to look at being an intuitive is it is just another form of eyesight when you sense things coming in your mind somehow and you get out of the way of problems before they occur.

People with these gifts are called Tribal Shamen (both men and women) and without them all tribes of humans would have gone extinct thousands of years ago on earth from weather, bad people, lava, earthquakes, marauding animals etc.

Without Tribal Shamen there would be no one on earth now left alive today.

Note: The word "Shaman" comes from Russia.

I first realized I was a natural shaman when I took a course in Cultural Anthropology at Palomar College in San Marco, California. I believe this was in 1971 or 1972. The definition of Shaman in that Cultural Anthropology course then was "One who has psychologically died but their body lives on so they live in both the world of the living and the world of the dead at the same time." I realized then this perfectly described what had happened to me from whooping cough and Childhood epilepsy from experiencing death all the time and coming back from it and it had made me a "Natural Shaman" who could often tell people what was going to happen next here on earth. Whether they believed me or not was always their own business not mine. I don't really need to convince anyone of anything. I just share things so everyone doesn't have to die before their time. Also, I don't want the human race to go extinct this century or next and this is one reason I write here to help keep the human race alive this century and next and beyond.

So, since often I am aware of things not obvious or paradoxical to present common day knowledge I can be helpful to human survival and help prevent human extinction in this way.

I'm not sure I like the definitions given below because they appear to assume people are taking substances to achieve these states. This has never been necessary for me ever because this has been a natural state since I had whooping cough where I was telepathic always and often saw the future. So, there was no "Beginning place" really for all of this. I "Always" had all these abilities throughout my life. It's just that "Surviving" these abilities to 30 is very difficult and many or most die because they cannot find a way to integrate all of this into their lives in a useful helpful way to themselves and all mankind along the way.

It was helpful to me to have parents who were mystical Christian Ministers and a mother who was willing to talk to me always about her gifts to some degree and the same with my Scottish Grandmother. My father was gifted too but being a Valedictorian of his High School Class he was very careful what he spoke about with me because of his expanded intellectual view of the universe from being THAT intelligent.

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