Friday, May 12, 2017

More people are moving towards death quicker because of Trump Worldwide

When I looked forward in time to the end of this century I noticed this. Trump was the only outcome that caused the human race NOT to go extinct which is why he was allowed to be president by the powers that be worldwide. You might think this is crazy!!! (But I do too by the way). However, as someone capable of looking down timelines I cannot deny what I see!

The human race tends to not go extinct (BECAUSE) Trump is the president now. But, the reason for this is also Hideous!

The reason goes something like this.

So Many lower middle Class and poor people die or move towards death much much more quickly because of Trump worldwide (from all causes) that for every one that dies early 10 more do not get born. And those 10 that do not get born by the end of this century is what keeps the human race alive.

Is this Hideous?


Is this the reality?


Do I like this?


But the one thing I do like is that the human race doesn't go extinct because Trump is the U.S. president right now.

This is the ONLY reason why Trump saves the human race from extinction by causing millions and potentially billions of deaths in untold suffering worldwide this century.

How will people see him when he leaves office or dies?

I think it will completely depend upon what people's political point of view is worldwide.

Some will think of him as Hitler and worship him and some will see him like Nixon and revile him.

But, most will just be relieved because he is no longer president of the United States anymore.

But, I can completely say Trump is the death of political correctness worldwide and with this actual honesty maybe the human race can also survive between 2100 and 2200 as well.

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