Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Reducing the number of windows on your computer so it runs quicker

As a Blogger I try to keep to two windows open at blogger.com (blogspot) at a time. One window allows me access to my statistics which I find useful and one window for blogging on or for seeing  what is displaying on my site. Often as I am working blogging I will have up to 10 windows open or more because I need to close some of them. So, as soon as I realize I have this many open I close down to about 3 (2 of them for blogging) and one of them for research and then the process begins again as more windows automatically open during research on any given subject.

You probably already know this but your computer will run much faster the less windows you have open in any given moment.

But, for blogging I find 3 windows open in any given moment is optimum (two for the blog site and one for research.)

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