Monday, May 8, 2017

Sanctioned Time Lines Can Be repaired

As I explained in another article, Time lines can be repaired if they are sanctioned by a Galactic or Solar or Planetary Government.

Earth began it's planetary government with the United Nations after World War II. If you notice and study history since then wars have gotten smaller and smaller and smaller in nature down to where mostly it is terrorists fighting against governments now.

There are many reasons fo this.

One fo the reasons is Time has been repaired, pruned, altered by Galactic, Solar and Planetary governments in an ongoing manner.

However, overpopulation is not something that can be dealt with effectively by most individual governments here on earth that compose the Security Council of the United Nations that IS the Planetary Government of Earth with all other nations supporting this government on earth to a greater or lesser degree.

So then, you see why the Craziness of Trump was allowed to be president to "Thin OUT" mankind the way he is presently doing it.

Is this Dangerous?

OF course. But, overpulation was seen by Time Travelers of the members of the United Nations security council to be the single most pressing problem during the next 200 years.

Because overpopulation which causes a regional lack of resources like clean water, food and jobs which then causes genocide through terrorism focused often by local religions extincting each other is problematic for nations who have instituted some form of birth control (like China who was on a single child policy since the 1970s until recently when it created so many social problems and psychological problems in ao many people that they had to go back to a 2 child policy per family to rebalance society before their society completely came apart at the seams.

Then simultaneously, you have global Climate Change which CAN thin out some or all of mankind through extreme weather changes.

However, weather wasn't changing fast enough for the powers that be so they put in Trump to make Global Climate change cause more deaths faster from air and water pollution, winds over 100 miles per hour becoming more regular etc.

So, one of the effects of this we see in the news now of more and more people dying of turbulence in clear air which is only going to increase now exponentially until head restraints in addition to seat belts might be needed to save lives on passenger planes (especially over Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.)

We are also seeing more evidence of injuries like broken bones in clear air turbulence that cannot be predicted as of yet either. Eventually, there will be technology to combat this, however.

But, it might also be important to know clear air turbulence is going to get worse and worse over time caused by Global Warming and Global Climate change.

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