Saturday, May 20, 2017

Silicon Valley on HBO is pretty Funny!

IT's sort of the next step after the Big Bang Theory only this one is about being ultimately geeky (and sometimes rich) around software in Silicon Valley here in California. If you live out here in Northern California it makes perfect sense. Otherwise, it might make no sense to you at all. But, there are people in real life whose lives resemble the ones in this HBO series. I'm finding the extremes they seem to deal with on an every day level hysterically funny to me.

But, partly this is just because I have been studying computer hardware and software since 1966 in College. In 1966 I wanted to build a female companion from robotic technology until I realized we were at least 50 years away from this as we didn't even have RAM yet on Mainframes (at least in the private sector away from Government secret experimentation).

But, generally, if you have a background in software and hardware going back to1966 like me, "Silicon Valley" will be ridiculously hysterically funny for most people in this same background because what they do is a caricature of real life in the Actual Silicon Valley here in California.

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