Friday, May 5, 2017

Some of the things I learned about surviving Pre-diabetes

No fruit juice
You can have a fruit a day but you have to eat it whole

No Rice (it converts to too high a level of Sugar as a carbohydrate.

No soft drinks (way too much sugar)

Be careful of driving if you have any kind of dessert at all because it might have the effect on your driving the same as drinking a beer.In other words too much sugar in any form tends to space you out so you might not be that safe driving a car when you have sugar in Soft Drinks, candy bars, too much rice, or any fruit juices (because of the Fructose which is fruit sugar).

So, I try not to eat anything while I might have to drive a car that might give me a sugar reaction.

So, I'm always watching what I eat.

What happens if you aren't careful?

You could slip into Diabetes (some call this "the Sugars") and then bad things might happen like some people who don't watch out lose their feet if they don't have their blood sugar in balance enough over time.

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