Saturday, May 6, 2017

What you put your attention on you become!

I was taught this true statement as a child by my minister parents. Though it made sense to me, because I had been raised in an American TV culture where sex, murder and violence is thrown at me from at that time, TV, radio, billboards, talk, I became addicted like most children to "Murder, sex and violence on TV" at the very least.

It's not that all these things aren't interesting sometimes still to me. It's that I am much more selective now that I'm now 69 years old because I know more than ever now that literally "What I put my attention on I become".

But, real Traumas in our lives to some degree govern what we think and talk about and dream about at night to a great degree.

So, the environment we are raised in and what happens to us from birth on tends to set the stage for what we put our attention on every day of our lives.

For this reason, boys and girls often were raised in monasteries and convents to focus their attention on God. However, often people who had been traumatized before or during their monastery times preyed upon these boy and girl children. It only takes one disturbed person to do this in any monastery. Just as it only takes one disturbed person to ruin many peoples lives.

So, the thing is to spot people like this and to prevent them from harming others before they are allowed to. Because one truly disturbed person can destroy literally hundreds or thousands of lives ongoing in a never ending chain reaction.

In an ideal world people (both children and adults) would not be able to prey like animals do on each other. But, we do not live in an ideal world.

As Strange as this sounds (I lived through this so I know from personal experience) when abortion become legal the average person born became about 10 times saner just because so many women were not forced anymore to have children they tortured because they had these children without married husbands between the ages of 12 and 25 before they had met the right person and gotten married.

So, as awful as abortion is both the birth control pill and abortion in concert reduced the number of extremely disturbed people by about 90%.

However, simultaneously both legal and illegal drugs made up this different during the 1960s and 1970s so we now have drug induced psychosis to a degree that basically equals the problems people had before birth control like birth control pills and abortions were legal.

But, I digress.

What you put your attention on you become.

Taking personal responsibility for all your thoughts, feelings and actions like a Buddhist where a Buddhist might even burn himself alive in protest to world events is one way to change the world from within the fastest.

You CAN change the whole world starting with yourself.

This is why "What you put your attention on you become!" is so powerful!

And this is why I'm writing this article.

There is only so much you can do physically to right the wrongs in this world no matter how wealthy you are and how much free time and money you have.

BUT, by turning yourself and your mind and your heart and your emotions into a heaven realm by what you put your personal attention on you can really really change everything within you and around you.

By Taking personal responsibility to create your own heaven realm internally people are going to feel that every moment you are near them.

For example, I am naturally a fearless person like my father and grandfather. However, when I was traumatized by many events in my life this was hard to govern. So, I found by doing spiritual practices to generate compassion towards myself and all people I could mold my fearlessness as a spiritual warrior to help not only myself but of all mankind.

So, instead of turning my fearlessness inwards and committing suicide or outward and committing murder like a terrorist I was able to Soul TRavel eventually to the Sun and through the sun to the center of the Galaxy and to meet the Galactic Sentience who said he was my grandson and ask him to spare earth from nuclear annihilation by any means necessary.

And he agreed to this which changed everything. From that came eventually being initiated by the Dalai Lama and many other GURUS and realizing who I really was emotionally, spiritually and not only that realizing who all of you are physically, emotionally and spiritually, experiencing heaven realms both in spirit and here on earth etc.

When you put your attention in a peaceful and yet disciplined manner on the things useful to yourself and the human race to survive and prosper as physical and spiritual beings there is literally NO LIMIT to the good you can do for everyone.


Think about this for a moment.

There is no limit to how happy you and everyone in the universe can be!

And you CAN help make this happen!


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