Friday, May 26, 2017

The Philippines appears to be a mess right now

After Botched Raid, Philippines Tries To Reclaim A.

IF you read this article that I quoted here at this site the Philippines appears to be a big problem right now. But, not living there myself I can't really say for sure. Most places on earth have good places and bad places you can live. For example, within 30 miles of where I live there are more people murdered per capita (the amount of people that live in that area) than anywhere else in the United States. But, it is mostly newer people from south of the border being killed by others who are here for 10 to 50 years or more who don't want illegals taking their jobs for less money than they are presently making. So, this is mostly why this murder rate is so high in a mostly farming area.

So, likely the Philippines is the same way in this with both Christians and Muslims who have been killing each other for over 100 years now in the Philippines in various areas.

However, this is really a problem now that martial law is being declared on that one island


So one whole island (if not the whole country is now under martial law for up to 60 days) while the government tries to root out ISIS from Marawi a city I believe on Mindanao Island. Several policemen have been killed and also one policeman has been beheaded by ISIS on Mindanao at present I believe when over 100 ISIS soldiers got into a firefight with many policemen there.

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