Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The true paradox of life is Mortality

But here's the kicker!

Mortality doesn't really exist.

Bodies that eventually die do exist.

Everyone likely eventually (no matter how many hundreds or thousands of years a human with technical or medical assistance might be alive) eventually would experience something like Death of the body.

But, Mortality is actually a lie.

Why? Because we wear these bodies much like we drive our cars.

If you crash your car and you have a seat belt on are you still alive?

IF you weren't driving too fast and didn't hit another car head on or a telephone pole or something like that most of the time you are still alive aren't you?

It's much the same with a human body. It's something we drive around in as long as it stays in one piece and keeps functioning.

So, though fear of death might be useful to keep your body alive and healthy for as long as possible, mostly fear of death beyond that is not useful at all. Because with or without a body you go on and on and on.

When I first knew this for sure it was when God was teaching me to soul travel. He had had me walk outside my body to the bathroom and my arm went through the wall when I tried to turn the light switch on!

I was terrified! Because I didn't expect this to happen for my arm to go through the wall in the middle of the night. I had wanted this for years but having this happen one night unexpectedly would be like falling off a 100 foot cliff. It almost killed me in terror!

I wracked my brain! How would I survive this? Then I remembered a book at a Mystical Book Store in La Jolla, California that talked about my terrifying situation.

It said basically: "If you find yourself outside your body don't freak out just walk to where your body is and lay down into it as soon as possible!"

I did this and my body shook in shock from the experience of losing me and then me returning to it!

Since I was in a desert cabin alone and it was between 2 and 4 am in the morning and I was alone this was too terrifying an experience to stay there by myself if I didn't have to. So, I packed up my things and drove home to Rancho Bernardo where I was living with my parents and attending Palomar College from then.

As I was driving away from the cabin I said in tears: "God! YOU nearly killed me. Can't I have a good experience regarding Soul Travel? You nearly killed me with this one!"

What I didn't understand yet at the time was God was training me for soul travel. He just was showing me how dangerous Astral Projection was so I wouldn't do it that way!

So, sure enough God came through with another out of body experience and this was a Good one this time a few months later in Rancho Bernardo, California. So, when I sat up out of my body this time, I could look back at my body laying there peacefully sleeping but this time I was not scared because I was still connected to my body by my hips to my toes so I knew I could lay down into my body anytime I needed to so I wasn't afraid at all.

Then another me with an angelic look on it's face wearing the same pajamas that I and my body were wearing stepped into the room and laid down into me and we laid down into my physical body and I said to God: "Thank you God! I finally understand!"

And I did because I had then entered an entirely new real paradigm where I knew unequivocally
 that my soul and body though they were connected they could also separate too. I also knew I was an immortal soul with or without my body.

And no one could ever take that away from me ever again!

Mortality is only scary when you haven't experienced immortality in this lifetime yet.

When you do you will never be afraid of death ever again!

By God's Grace

I still don't like pain and suffering but death itself has lost it's sting for me now!

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