Friday, May 19, 2017

What is the difference between a Time Storm and a Technological Singularity?

IN some ways maybe they are similar in some respects when they really get going. What we are presently experiencing on earth I presently believe is likely both at the same time to some degree.

If you are an intuitive like me what this experience is like is watching how you can't really make intuitive plans right right now. One might say that this is because the kids are all graduating and this is always somewhat disrupting to everyone along with all the ones not graduating feeling confused as summer starts, trying to get summer jobs, or plans etc. and this is relatively normal too.

But, overlayed on top of all this is all the craziness of Trump upon the world. It is sort of like setting wild dogs loose upon mankind in it's disruptive effects. So, it is pretty obvious my predictions of millions more dying and not being born at all because of this "Trump Disruption".

However, when I look at it seriously Trump is not the cause but only a symptom of a Time Storm combined with an ever growing technological singularity.

How are people to cope with all this?

They must be very careful not to get into trouble as plans often won't work out.

Being extremely adaptive and survival oriented in all ways might help too.

But, mostly finding ways to stay calm, eat healthy food and getting enough exercise likely is how people will survive best along with making friends who are more safe and less dangerous as well.

Otherwise, surviving a combination Time Storm combined with a Technological Singularity during the next 30 years or so will cost many many lives if one isn't very careful now everywhere on earth.

By God's Grace

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