Monday, May 22, 2017

What would be a perfect medium to store photos and videos in for millions of years? Likely crystals in metals

The harder the medium and more unbreakable it is the more likely it could survive any outcome or eventuality that might come including floods, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. etc. etc.

So, I'm thinking storing digital footage of photos and movies within a crystalline medium like Quartz Crystal or even better Stainless steel likely would be the best medium for long term storage of human photos of millions of years so they still would be available for someone to see then here on earth or beyond.

Stainless steel would be good because it doesn't rust but there might be better alloys eventually that absolutely never rust ever too. For example, quartz crystal or other crystalline object don't rust but they are breakable often. Maybe man made Diamonds might be another storage for digital photos and videos too.

However, it might not be infinite read write but only one time inserting this data into a crystalline structure. But, once having done that (unless something bad happened like bending or breakage it would then last for thousands to millions of years as long as you had some device for retrieving those photos or videos ongoing.

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