Sunday, May 21, 2017

Why did China Hire Russia and Putin's FSB to do a partial takeover of the U.S. government through Trump?

Today, you likely could give me a 90% accuracy rating as an intuitive and profiler of world events by the way:

First of all, this partial takeover of the U.S. government through Putin, the FSB and Trump (and his family) is not an ideological takeover of the U.S. government.

Instead it is an Oligarchic takeover of major world governments by the top 1% and the top 10% of the world's rich.

If you notice in Trump's staff often people have a combined net worth of Billions of dollars on his staff to begin with. So, this is obviously an Oligarchic takeover.


The first reason is to make the world rich even richer.
The 2nd reason is to prevent human extinction
The 3rd reason is to prevent healthcare from reaching the masses of the world.

So, the net effect of this is:

The 50% poorest people on earth will tend to die from poor water sanitation, poor food, not enough jobs or medical care and not enough safe places that aren't polluted to live in.

I suppose if there had been some kind of world government in place that enforced birth control that would have been much better.

Do I agree with what is happening?


But, I understand why it is happening which is different than agreeing with it.

But, please understand that this is the world oligarchy (all the richest in the world) taking over partially the U.S. government.

Is it still a democracy?

NO. I don't think you could call what is presently happening in the U.S. or Europe Democracy. It is moving in the direction more of fascism and oligarchy.

So, I would expect the poorest 50% to now die sooner rather than later because of these changes worldwide through Trump and Putin and the Chinese oligarchy who is paying for all of this now.

Why would China hire Putin and his FSB to do this?

Because they are still a lot like the KGB were during the Cold War for a variety of reasons and they look like most people in the American Government. So, as Putin Trains his FSB agents to have perfect American accents in English they cannot be distinguished from White Americans who tend to be Republicans now in power in the U.S.

Is this happening in Europe too?

Yes. But now they are aware of it they are more prepared to deal with it than Americans are at present.

Another way to look at this is that China thinks like Sun Tzu in "The Art of War" and America thinks very short term like a 4 year presidential cycle. Because of China's long view they see that overpopulation (something China has dealt with for thousands of years already) is the primary problem on earth not U.S. Democracy. So, China is dealing with overpopulation by creating a worldwide Oligarchy of the rich in governments everywhere to reduce the poorest 50% of earth to zero eventually during the next 500 years. This is what is really happening here and once again it is not about ideology like Communism it is about preventing human extinction.

At least this is true at present. What the future might bring is anyone's guess at this point.

Note (an afterthought) What I find most sad about all this (here in the U.S.) is that the people that were used to create this outcome were mostly the poorer people in the U.S. who voted for Trump who could be manipulated and not capable of critical Thinking because of not having enough education to understand they were being lied to by Trump. end note.

Later: afterthought: What is good about this is likely we will not have a nuclear war with Russia or China and neither will Europe either.

But, what is bad about this is our democracy will suffer and up to 4 billion people will die simply because they are poor this century before their time. But, because of this also the human race will not go extinct this century.

So, as Machievellian and undemocratic as this all is likely we don't go extinct this century directly because of what the Chinese and Russians are doing even though our democracy will suffer horribly as a result this century.

So, in the short run this is a horrific thing (sort of like having Trump as president) and in the long run 4 billion people die before their time as well likely most their children. And because of all this insanity the human race doesn't go extinct at least during this century.

But, for the most part all this now is going to happen mostly through global Warming and starvation and not through wars with millions of people (maybe billions) being massacred like during World War II (at least before 2100 now).

Pretty Crazy Huh!

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