Sunday, May 21, 2017

Why would Trump visit Saudi Arabia first? No one that I know of has done this before as president?

Saudi Arabia and Russia are implicit enemies. This would be the first reason Trump would go there to try to prove he isn't with Russia. However, the Saudis also would be willing to bribe anyone in the Trump family for them to go there and do this too. So, this might be a reason. Also they wanted 110 Billion dollars in Arms from the U.S. and this deal is signed now by Trump.

Saudi Arabia helped destroy the Soviet Union in the late 1980s by reducing the price of oil so low that the Soviet Union collapsed on itself. Yes. There were many other causes too but the low price of oil was the Soviet Union's Coup De Grace so Putin also remembers this and doesn't like Sunni Muslims at all and since Saudi Arabia is the most Sunni of Sunni Muslim nations because of Mecca being there you have to think about this too.

Also, as strange as this sounds Israel and Saudi Arabia are allies. The reason for this is that Saudi Arabia and Israel are two of the main nations in North Africa and the Middle East that keep Iranian quest for power in check (in some ways). But, this alliance also is why Iran is desperate to have nuclear weapons too because of Israel having nuclear weapons. So, the Saudi, Israel and U.S. alliance is a strategic one for everyone concerned.

This is also why Trump is going to Israel next.

Saudi Arabia is also helping harm Russia now because of keeping oil prices low again. However, nations like Venezuela are being completely destroyed by the low oil prices and it isn't helping people in Texas either by the way. But, who is actually being helped the most is poor people who drive cars and heat their houses and businesses worldwide.

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